Artist Statement

I am a professional trained artist who believes in beauty as one of the main purposes of art. Through creation I search not only visual prettiness, but also to transmit the beauty of the delicate and hidden emotions of human being. Through a mix of invention and observation from nature, I create suggestive scenes where human figure, landscape and space have an emotional content, pictures where the spectator may find subtle stories that enhance imagination. All these elements are many times the tools I use to create metaphors that invite to the spectators to enter into a dreams world where they can tell their own stories.

Currently the digital technique is my favorite medium, since allows me to use at the same time the technical resources from drawing and painting. In a fluid dialogue of lines, flat planes and modulated colors, the shapes appear with forcefulness o delicateness, depending on what I want to express.

Curriculum Vitae

Rosa Peris is PhD Doctor in Fine Arts (Polytechnic University…

Working Process

I usually work creating series in which I develop a theme…

Emotional Creation

Have you ever got into a daydream that you wouldn’t…

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