Being Artist and Being Twin

My artistic career often runs parallel to that of Mercedes Peris, who is not only an artist but also my twin sister. We both agree with the same essential principles about art, but always maintaining our own entity as individual artists. We are not a group of artists, although we often work together, but never on the same art work, with some exceptions during our studies for the Fine Arts degree and later during the doctorate, time during which we created several animated short films directed in collaboration.

That «working together» most of the time consists of setting common goals for the good of the artistic development of both, for example, we do activities together, such as practicing drawing from life and exhibiting together. Thus, we support and help each other, but the authorship of our works is never confused (as some pairs of artist twins do); I do not intervene in the realization of my sister’s works nor does she intervene in mine, except in what refers exclusively to non-creative tasks, such as drawing or painting inbetween frames in an animation or framing our work for exhibitions.

Being twin is a fascinating experience, just as much as being an artist; and being twin and being artist have something in common: the value of individual character, which is never in question, because although there may have been similarities between two individuals (in their physical appearance, personality traits, etc.) and there may be similarities between two artists (because of their aesthetic principles, their tastes, etc.) we always know that they are two individuals or two artists, similar perhaps, but with their own character.

Having said that, I invite you to discover the work of this artist whom I admire so much, Mercedes Peris. If you like, you can look for similarities and differences between her work and mine. Any interpretation of the viewer is valid!

Mercedes Peris

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