Exhibition held together with the other artists-in-residence on animation script writing at Fontevraud Abbey; made in the context of the Premiere encuentre professionnelle sur l’écriture du film d’animation 2012

The artists in residence exhibited our work to the public in an incomparable architectural setting and we were also able to interact directly with the visitors, who came with great curiosity to learn about our work. I showed drawings in pencil, ink and watercolor that are part of the process of making the animation I was doing at the time, «Tututú», about ballet art. One of the visitors, who happened to be a dancer, expressed his admiration for the way in which these drawings conveyed the anatomy and movement of dance; which was for me a positive impulse to continue my work.

It has been an honor to exhibit in such a place so beautiful and full of history as the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, a place where the rest of the characters such as Richar the Lionhearr, among others rested in peace (until their graves, unfortunately, were desecrated).

My thanks to the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud for this great opportunity, and especially to Emmanuel Morin, Xavier Kawa Topor and Hervè Reginiano (members of the organization) for giving me this experience and for their exquisite kindness.

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