The Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Mártir has hosted this exhibition on the occasion of the Year of Mercy that the Catholic Church has celebrated in 2016. I have had the pleasure of participating in this exhibition together with the artists Ana Mercado and Mercedes Peris. Each artist has represented, from her particular sensitiveness, the fourteen works of mercy. The result has been a set of works that enhance each other thanks to their differences (because the three artists have different plastic languages) as well as their similarities; and most importantly: being sisters in faith we were clear about the message we wanted to convey.

It has been a very beautiful experience, both the execution of the works, which has allowed me to meditate on Mercy, and the preparation as regards exhibition organazing.

From here my thanks to the Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente for opening the doors to us; and my deepest gratitude to Father Raúl for promoting and inviting me to participate in this project.

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