Inner Jungle


All the works in the series are made with digital technique.

In this technique, the lines made with the digital pen on the graphic tablet are introduced on the screen, appearing on it as graphite and other materials do on paper or canvas. The images are printed on high quality paper and with highly durable inks.

These works have the same treatment as traditional engraving: limited series, numbered and signed by hand.


Printed digital art, as I like to offer it to the public, has the same consideration as engraving, since the printed images are not copies of a previous original, but rather the materialization of the work itself. As an artist, I like to make editions of few copies in order to offer the collector something that is of value to both the collector and the artist: originality and exclusivity.

Available works

The Blue Divan

Dimensions 46 x 66 cm

The Adam’s Rib


66 x 46 cm

The Blue Vase


66 x 46 cm

Exhibition and Sale

Digital engraving

Limeted series

Copies signed by the artist

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